A Taste of life's little Luxuries at Alkington Grange Barns.

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20 Little Luxuries to be enjoyed on Holiday.

Here at Alkington Grange Barns we like to give you a 'little luxury' on your Holiday. Research proves just how far the sentiment of luxury has come.

Our self catering cottages know it’s the thoughtful gestures that count and make a guest’s stay really special, as well as providing a culturally relevant setting in which people can take a step back and enjoy life’s small luxuries.”

Top 20 of life's little luxuries:

  1. Freshly laundered bed linen & Fresh towels
  2. Time to read a good book.
  3. Getting a takeaway or a special meal from our local caterer. 
  4. Having a long soak in the bath. 
  5. A walk in the Shropshire County-side. 
  6. A cosy night in with friends & family. 
  7. Spend an evening Star Gazing. 
  8. Watching the sunset/sunrise.
  9. A lunch with a friends.
  10. When someone makes you a nice cup of tea or coffee.
  11. Five minutes to yourself bird watching.
  12. Visit a World Heritage site, there are three locally.
  13. Catching your favourite film on DVD.
  14. Getting three generations playing sport together, a truly special experience.
  15. Visit Chester Zoo, the UKs second most visited UK attraction.
  16. A picnic in our Woodland. 
  17. Hitting the snooze button and enjoying the peace and quite.
  18. A lazy bike ride
  19. Spending time away from your phone.
  20. Enjoying a swim in our pool all by yourself.