20 of Life little luxuries to enjoy this Autumn....

ere at Alkington Grange Barns we like to give you a 'little luxuries' on Holiday, research proves just how far the sentiment of luxury has come.

“Our self catering cottages know it’s the thoughtful gestures that count and make a guest’s stay really special, as well as providing a culturally relevant setting in which people can take a step back and enjoy life’s small luxuries.”

Top 20 of life's little luxuries:

  1. Freshly laundered bed linen & Fresh towels
  2. Time to read a good book
  3. Getting a takeaway or a special meal from our local caterier. 
  4. Having a long soak in the bath 
  5. A walk in the Shropshire Countyside. 
  6. A cosy night in with friends & family 
  7. Spend an Evening Star gazing 
  8. Watching the sunset/sunrise
  9. A lunch with a friends
  10. When someone makes you a nice cup of tea/coffee
  11. Five minutes to yourself
  12. Visit a World Hertigage site there are three locally
  13. Catching your favourite film on TV
  14. Getting three Generations playing Sport together truely special
  15. Visit the Chester Zoo UKs Second most visited UK attraction
  16. A picnic in our Woodland 
  17. Hitting the snooze button and enjoying the peace and quite.
  18. A lazy bike ride
  19. Spending time away from your phone
  20. Enjoying a Swim in our pool all by yourself