Alkington Grange Covid-19 Assurance Policy

We have invested in an Antibacterial Fogger, which will be used to fog every room in each property in-between each set of guests. The chemical we are using is used by schools, hospitals and airlines.

We have upgraded our cleaning focusing on high touch areas.

All staff will be temperature checked and will be wearing PPE.

We have removed ALL non essential items such as toys, books, DVD’s, cushions, throws etc

As far as the swimming pool goes, again at present it has to stay closed. If we are allowed to open it we will and we will inform you of this. There is Hand Sanitizer station outside the pool, we ask you to use this if/when the pool does open.

The games court though, stays open, we are just asking you to bring your own rackets/balls etc but the football goals and tennis net are still available and we have provided a hand sanitizer dispenser by the court. This is booked as  always via the Booking Board System on arrival

The Toddler play area is still open, we have just changed the policy to each barn booking it, just like you do for the games court and the pool and we are providing anti bacterial wipes/spray so that you can wipe the toys down before use. The hand sanitizer dispenser is placed near the toddler area too.

The woodland picnic site is open, we ask you to adhere to social distancing and follow the Country Code.

The BBQ’s areas are open.

Also, we will not be able to, nor will any workman/plumber etc enter your property, should their be a problem without fogging the environment first, which will require everyone to leave the property for a least 1 hour. SO if you do have internal problem, we will try and talk you through it first and then move on to the next stage if we have to


We are asking you as guests to:

Adhere to social distancing when required.

Use the Dishwasher as much as possible

Empty ALL bins on departure

Bag your towels and bedding into laundry bags that we will supply

Leave the kitchen clean and tidied away

Hope this gives you some idea, we have tried VERY hard to make sure your holiday is affected as least as possible, but obviously we do require you to help us too!!!

The only other thing I would advise is to look into any venues that you would like to visit during your stay then on our Facebook page at Alkington Grange Barns, I am forwarding all the information I can about how each venue is now operating, most require that you pre book your tickets, so I would plan that asap.