Getting ready to open our doors again!!

We have been working very hard to make sure that we are ready to open up as soon as the Government allows. So by taking as much advice and following all the guidelines, we have finally got ourselves and our team ready to go as soon as we can.
  1. We have purchased a fogging machine which will be used by a trained operator. This fogger will spray each room with the same chemical that is being used in schools to kill the virus.
  2. Your property will then have a deep clean, our cleaning staff will be focusing on door handles/light switches etc.
  3. Our cleaning staff will be wearing masks, gloves and adhering to social distancing as much as is possible, all members of staff are tested for temperatures before they start work.
  4. All toys/books/DVD’s/Games/leaflets/cushions and throws etc that are more difficult to clean have been removed on Government advice.
  5. Our bedding is provided by a professional laundry service and arrives in sealed bags. We ask that you bag your own linen up on your departure to protect us and our staff.
  6. If we are able to open the indoor pool (awaiting Government advice) then it will also be fogged twice a day. There is a new hand sanitizer dispensers outside the pool and a waiting area taped off to ensure social distancing. All seating has been removed and there is handwashing facilities inside with antibacterial hand wash. The government has advised that chlorine treatment kills covid-19.
  7. The games court area also has a new hand sanitizer dispenser and we ask you to bring your own equipment so that nothing is shared.
  8. The toddler play area is now on the same booking system as the games court and pool, so you will use the area just to yourselves. You will share the hand sanitizer from the games court. We are also supply antibacterial spray and wipes to enable you to wipe down any of the childrens toys that you wish to use.
  9. We ask that everything as much as possible in the kitchen is put through the dishwasher on the hottest/intensive wash.
  10. We ask that all guests work with us and we suggest bringing your own gloves/masks etc for when you take any trips out.
  11. For added peace of mind we can now take Credit Card payments at a 2.5% charge (charged by the company)
  12. We advise travel insurance to be taken out.
  13. To enable us to perform these extra cleaning tasks please note check in is now 5pm and check out is 9am

We are following Government advice on all aspects.

We are REALLY looking forward to opening the door to all of our guests again.......see you all very soon 

To watch the Fogger in action, please click on the link below!!!