Helping us keep everyone safe at Alkington Grange Barns

This year is very different from all of the others we have faced here at Alkington Grange Barns. So we have had to change the way we work and we are asking you, as our guests to work with us, so that everyone can Stay Safe this Summer. We have to protect not only you, but our staff and families and the wider community.

During your time here please make sure you adhere to social distancing, respect other guests when arriving and departing from facilities and when out and about please remember all businesses have had to change to cope with covid-19, so just bear with them as we are all doing our best!!!

We have had to put in place a few new procedures that we ask you to follow when its time for you to depart:

Please leave promptly at 9am so that we can get into your property and begin the Fogging Process, this takes time, (an hour to Fog and then 45 mins for it to settle before we can enter safely) so we REALLY need access to the barns as soon as possible, so that our cleaners can then get in, to begin their deep clean.

Please strip ALL beds in the property and pop your laundry into the bags provided.

Please empty ALL bins and pop all rubbish into the blue skips provided.

Please use the DISHWASHER and leave the kitchen cleared and tidied away.

Please make sure all BATHROOMS are left in an acceptable clean manner.

Because of the situation we find ourselves in, we are now having to place a charge against any of the procedures that arent done, as they could cause harm for our staff and our cleaning process will take that much longer. This will be taken from your Housekeeping Bond. This is something that we REALLY dont want to do, however, if we have to pay extra and use extra PPE to clean areas that are high rick then we have no option but to charge we are afraid

The charges are:

£15 per every 15 mins after 9am check out

£5 for every bed left unstripped

£5 for every bin left full

Usual terms apply for damage done to the property, ie defacing tables/walls/beds etc

Thank you for your help during these difficult times.