More Roman History at Wroxeter Near Shrewsbury & Vineyard nearby!


Discover urban-living 2,000 years ago at Viriconium (Wroxeter) - once the fourth largest city in Roman Britain. Wander the remains of the bathhouse and explore a reconstructed town house from a city which was almost as large as Pompeii. Discover the daily lives of the people who lived here with the audio tour and through their objects - found here and on display in the museum.

Wroxeter Vineyard..

Planted in 1991, Wroxeter Roman Vineyard has been described as a true taste of Shropshire. And Shropshire isn't the only thing you'll taste on this fabulous vineyard experience for two. Indulge with an elegant afternoon tea in the outstanding picturesque surrounds of the English countryside, before setting off on an expert tour of this award winning vineyard and winery.

Only 35 min from here at Alkington Grange Barns to visit this amazing Vineyard. The grapes are picked from Late Sept to see the whole process in action.