The wonderful world of cycling around Alkington Grange Barns

There is nothing better, than packing a small ruck sack,  jumping on your bike and taking off into the countryside. To be able to explore the lanes, tracks, hills and at the moment puddles that you come across. It's a wonderful family, group or individual activity and one that is enjoyed by many of our guests whilst staying with us here at Alkington Grange Barns.

We have seen, Mum and Dad disappearing off on their bikes, whilst Grandma and Grandad kindly look after the children!! We have seen Grandma and Grandad gliding off down the road waving their off spring goodbye!! Groups of men and women taking to the lanes and going on an adventure. The best ones to watch though, is the young family with an array of bike sizes peddling madly down the road, very excited as to what they will find on their journey.

Here at Alkington Grange Barns we have an undercover bike store (You just need to bring along a bike lock) and the start your adverture on the the Mercian Cycle path runs past the farm and is a great route to follow which is very well signed 

The canal is a great place for cycling, nice and flat for a start, with wonderful wildlife all around you!!

Here at Alkington Grange Barns we supply local cycling leaflets and maps, to help you plan your journey. We have a bike store with a place to lock your bikes. The games court is a safe place for your littles ones to cycle around, as long as they are being watched!!

So why not bring your bikes and enjoy the wonderful Shropshire countryside around us and have your own adventure!!!


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