Toddler Heaven..... fun at Alkington Grange Holiday Barns.

Holidaying with little ones is to say the least, not really a holiday for us adults!!!!. They still want feeding, some changing, most occupying and all need attention, cuddles and a person to wipe away those troubled tears!! So here at Alkington Grange Barns we have made a big effort to make sure there are lots of facilities and equipment to help make your holiday expereince as good as it can possibly be!

We have our Toddler Area, which has a variety of rocking horses, ride in cars, a small slide, wendy house and the favourite lawn mower, that most little boys hurtle around with. Its a secure area and right next to the Games Court, so your older children can play football or tennis whilst you watch over your little one.

The holiday barns themselves have stair gates, a highchair and a travel cot, along with some toys, books and DVD's to entertain the small folk!! Even the kitchens have plastic plates, cups and bowls along with plastic cutlery and feeding spoons.

The barns are surrounded by fields, which lead to our woodland picnic area that have picnic benches and two bug hotels. Again the farm land and picnic ground are perfect for your little ones to burn off some energy or take a slow walk around.

Our indoor swimming pool is a great place to introduce your little one safely to water or to continue their learning. Our pool has raised sides, which makes it a safer environment for little ones to be in whilst you are getting ready for your swim!! Don't forget your swim nappy though!

After a busy day at Alkington Grange Barns we are sure your little ones will sleep very soundly in our peaceful location, so that you can enjoy your part of the holiday, with a relaxing glass of something to help you sleep!!!!


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