Multi Sports Court - For Your Exclusive Use.

Multi Sports Court

Our large Multi Sports Court contains mini tennis, badminton and short football. Its a great area for all the family to enjoy some fun together all year round. 

Booking the Sports Court is completed via a Booking Board System, which is divided into time slots. So, simply, on arrival to Alkington Grange Barns:

1) Decide which days you would like to use the court.

2) Choose the times you would like to use the court.

3) Write the name of your barn in the days/times slots you choose.

4) Then use the Sports Court exclusively to yourselves.

There are plenty of time slots through the day which gives all our cottages a fair chance to enjoy this great space.

 (We do not pre book Sports Court time slots prior to arrival) 

"We had such a Great time as a 3 generation family, with Grandad, Dad and Grandson all playing footy together."   Peter Rogers

" I taught my children how to play tennis during our Summer stay, it was a brilliant opportunity to use a court and they loved it." Katie Davies

" Such a fantastic out door space and great that we had the court to ourselves, we played tennis, football and badminton, something I hadn't done in years!" Margaret Atherton

Please make sure your children are supervised by a responsible adult at all times.