Alton Towers and Drayton Manor -'Thomas Land' .

Thomas Land is a themed area at Drayton Manor Theme Park in Staffordshire, based on the TV series Thomas and Friends. There are plenty of rides to excite your little ones, from the Troublesome Trucks, Terrence's Driving School to Harold's Helicopter Tours!!

The main park also contains some fantastic rides for the older members of your family or group, including Apocalypse, Shockwave and the incredible G-Force!!! The Park is 1hr 15min from Alkington Grange Barns.

Alton Towers is one of the UK's biggest theme parks,  and water park. With exhilarating rides such as Nemesis, Rita the Queen of speed, The Black hole, Oblivion, and their newest ride Wickerman..... a must for any adrenalin junkie!!

For the younger members of the family there is CBeebies Land. This area includes rides, shows and interactive experiences, based on programmes from CBeebies, including In the Night Garden, Charlie and Lola and Postman Pat.  

Alton Towers is about 1hour and 20 minutes from Alkington Grange Barns.